Thursday, September 10, 2009

Snow Leopard 10.6.1 Update - Where? Click Me

I made the title for this article link to where you can get the downloadable version of the 10.6.1 updates, both client and server. Somehow Apple has not gotten around to adding these updates to the regular downloads page. Very strange. So you have to go here instead:

You'll also find there the new Security Update 2009-005 for Tiger and Leopard. For now I am going to skip reviewing the security fixes as I am gearing up for a big
boring article summarizing the past month and a half of security patch trends, similar to what I did last month.

I finally got my claws on the client version of Snow Leopard. Tomorrow I expect to test out the Server version.


No iPod Touch with camera on 9-9-09?! I'm betting it is a marketing manoeuvre, one that will push forward in time my purchasing the iPod Touch.

I've noticed a lot of updates to software I thought was dead, all to make them Snow Leopard compatible. Kewlness.

What's up with TechTracker? I'm in total confusion as to what CNET have done to them. I'm getting the idea that even TechTracker is confused. I think I'll write an article about it! Coming up!

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