Friday, October 29, 2010

How to get spam!
How to trample a troll!

Apologies for letting this blog lapse. I've been busy on my other three blogs and my two Yahoo Groups and my story writing, blahblahblah.

This short article teaches you how to get spam:

Publish your email address on a webpage on the Internet. Like this:

Spam spyders crawl around the Internet all day looking for published email addresses. When they find one, such as above, they automatically put it onto an 'Active Email Address List' and it's sold to every spam rat on the Internet around the world. In a remarkably short period of time the owner of the email address is pummeled with spam.

It is also an effective way to let an anti-Apple troll know just what you think of their deceit. I encountered this particular unimaginative misery mongerer over at MacDailyNews today.

Trolls tend to come in two categories:

1) PAID. Indeed there are desperate companies who are unable to compete in business and instead pay people to FUD, rumor monger, spread boring old myths, and other deceitful garbage. And as per usual, there are no-self-esteem humans willing to take the money and do the dirty deeds. Imagine my cynicism.

2) PSYCHOPATH. I've found myself having to read about this particular derangement of the mind lately in order to understand why my country, the USA, is becoming irrelevant. Psychopathic organizations, places where psychopaths coalesce and cook up loony control conceits, have become de rigor in politics in the USA. My all time fave is Project for the New American Century, aka PNAC. They are the gang of over-the-edge Neo-Conservatives, aka Neo-Con-Jobs, whom Ronald Reagan named 'THE CRAZIES.' They invented the Iraq War in 1997, published their manifesto in 1998, became the George W. Bush administration cabinet, invented the plethora of lies that sunk the USA into that illegal war of choice, deliberately destroyed the US budget for the sake of their philosophy of 'Starve The Beast', corrupted Fox News, invented and threw money at The Tea Party, on and on. My cynicism overfloweth.

Compared to government level loons, computer community trolls are little munchkins. But they enjoy doing their best to create misery in others. Often it is an extension of their own masochism. So strange. As ever, the best cure is laughter, and of course letting them know you see behind the mask, or curtain, or whatever subterfugal game they like to play. Sheesh.

How to get on the Do Not Spam list:

I remarkably and accidentally discovered how to stop getting much, if any, spam: Report EVERY spam you receive to a spam source blacklisting group. My favorite is I've been a paying member there since 1998, the year they began. Because I am so remarkably attentive to reporting to them every single piece of spam I receive, over time the amount of spam that I personally receive at my email address has dropped to perhaps 3 per week. I have to assume that the spam rats share amongst themselves a Do Not Spam list because they know that dedicated and altruistic people such as myself will turn them in to the authorities. At I have a consistent record of turning in every piece of spam I receive within 10 hours. I suspect I've helped kill off hundreds of spam rats. You're welcome.

Check out if you'd like to join in. It's free. But I prefer to support them with funding, which in turn provides me with easier access to their website.

Now back to your regularly scheduled enjoyment of living. My enjoyment this week is working on the backstory of my Steampunk story series. It's going swimmingly.