Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clarification: The birthday of the term '7ista'

So when was the term 'Windows 7ista' first used? April 18, 2008.

Why did I invent the term? I wanted a new category in my Documents folder for storing news about Windows 7. Knowing that 7 is mainly a patch job on Vista, I tossed the two OS names together for the sake of satire. Or was it sarcasm? Anyway, once I saw it I realized how it made sense in more ways that one. I also enjoy making up new words, which has a long standing tradition in the English language. My brother Graeme, a master at word invention, inspired me in the process when I was a teeny.

Flattery: Checking Google I've been happy to see the term has caught on, or more likely has been invented via parallel cognition. There's even a 7ista logo out on the net created by Harry Sachz. Thank you Harry! Enjoy:


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