Monday, March 23, 2009

Retrospect 8 For Mac At Last Released After Epic Negligence

It's official! Retrospect 8 for Mac has been released.

What's the big deal?

Retrospect was long thought to be on the road to total abandonment by ECM, the company that bought Dantz. It languished at version 6 for Mac, which was strictly PPC native, for nearly a decade. Despite it remaining one of the most powerful backup programs available, it was essentially forgotten for Mac because of its stagnation.

Retrospect 8 has to be the very last of the 'Must Have' programs for Mac to run natively on Intel CPUs. It has also had a face lift. (Version 7 was only ever made available to Windows users). Personally, I'm glad to have it back, so to speak. But it's going to have to reestablish its reputation in the Mac market.

Below is the announcement I received tonight from EMC Insignia/Dantz.

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Dear Retrospect User,

Retrospect 8.0 for Macintosh has been released and is available for immediate upgrade from the website.

The total list of new features and changes are too long for a simple email, but you can read all of the details from the following locations:

Upgrading to Retrospect 8.0

Retrospect 8 Product Details

What's New and Getting Started Guide found at:

Retrospect 8.0 Read Me:

Changes from 6.1 to 8.0

Retrospect 8.0 Training Videos

Thank you for using Retrospect for Macintosh
RDU_Announcement mailing list
Retrospect Support:
Retrospect KB:
Retrospect Downloads:

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