Sunday, September 20, 2009

TechTracker Goes Oblique PART II

TechTracker PART II

Aaron Smith came to the rescue and sorted out my purchase problems at It was most kind of him to personally give me a call with the good news. That was within a couple days of my posting Part I of this blog entry. He is one of the creators of VersionTracker and MacFixIt.

The lowdown:

MacFixIt is now, indeed, totally free for all. My brain is at fault for believing VersionTracker was following with the same. VersionTracker Pro continues on for those who enjoy its dedicated VersionTracker Pro application and all the perks of the VT site. I of course happily paid up to continue my subscription.

What went wrong:

Billing went out to previous VersionTracker Pro and MacFixIt Pro bundle subscribers, charging them for another year of both. Not only was this wrong, but the theoretical price charged for the update was also wrong. TechTracker caught the problem a bit late, but refunded the cost of MacFixIt Pro to everyone last week. Thank you.

What remains wrong:

1) CNET tech support. Please note that TechTracker has its own support staff whom I very much appreciate. When I can through to them, they have always come through for me. What is terrible is the CNET support staff. In the past I have had them insult me, treat me like a dimwit newbie, spew incorrect information at me, and act like utter idiots. I very much hope this changes. But the fact that they 100% ignored my requests for correct information regarding all the blunders at the VersionTracker site does not bode well for them. I find this very sad. I hope CNET sort this out rapidly and permanently. I like their parent company CBS and have consistently supported their work, much as I have supported TechTracker. CNET, however, have a lousy reputation these days at most of the boards I visit.

(If you've followed my Mac-Security blog you know how much I did not enjoy CNET's recently posted anti-Mac security FUD article. I ripped it to shreds through a series of four articles).

2) MacFixIt Pro is STILL listed on the TechTracker purchase page. $24.95. No such thing guys!

3) The Bundle of VersionTracker Pro and MacFixIt Pro is STILL listed on the TechTracker purchase page. $59.95. Again: No such thing guys!

Here is where I found #2 and #3 still listed at the TechTracker site:

Aaron Smith provided me with a toll phone number to reach him. I'll be calling him this coming week to see if he can have #2 and #3 corrected.

I'm too nice a guy to ask for compensation for putting up with and sorting out this mess for TechTracker.

In the film industry, smart directors have an assistant called the 'Continuity Girl'. The reason a girl is typically used is because women tend to have a better eye for inconsistencies between camera shots. The most famous Continuity Girl was Alma Reville, who worked with Alfred Hitchcock. She eventually became his wife. Personally, I do not want to become anyone's wife, but apparently I am playing the role of Continuity Girl for TechTracker. **sigh**

I'll post Part III when the TechTracker purchase page is sorted out.


calibre97 said...

Found you with a google search. I'm experiencing strangeness wrt VTPro. I have a Mini and a Toshiba NB205 (shhh, I know, I know). The Mini was on 10.5.8 and the Toshiba 10.5.7. Both are now happily running 10.6.1. Just this evening, as I was scanning, VTPro blorped on me. I tried logging in and even the web site says I'm a basic nobody. I have the email receipt that says I re-upped in March people! Now the client machines (including a MacBook running 10.5.8) are all reporting that the username/pwd are wrong. Yet I can log in to the web site. But it says I'm a freeloader not a paid up subscriber. Glad you got your issues resolved, but things are still afoot apparently for the rest of us.

:-Derek said...

Sorry to post your comment late. I've been without my MacBook for over a month due to blundering that was out of my control. I didn't do much email during that time or add to the blogs.

I can help put you in touch with Aaron Smith at VersionTracker if you are still having troubles. (I am not willing to provide a public method of direct access to him as he is wrapped up in the continuing difficulties at VT. But I am happy to provide an access method on an individual basis.

You can write to me directly at:

Take out all the dashes above and change the 'at' to @. I am using this as a crude method of confounding spambot spiders. These days I quite seriously get zero spam, and I want to keep it that way. I'll write about how I accomplished this some day soon.