Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adobe Retaliates Against Disabling Adobe Updater

--In the very recent past, it has been possible to disable Adobe's idiotic and annoying Adobe Updater system, well known to be the single worst installation system in the entire computer community. Disabling this POS has been hailed and suggested across the net for nearly two years, including here at my blog. It has been recommended to instead HAND INSTALL every Adobe update with the individual update packages. The results have been far superior to letting the Adobe Updater system do it for you.

Sadly, Adobe have now retaliated and caused even their individual updater packages to REQUIRE a present and functional Adobe Updater system. Otherwise the installers will freak and act like they don't see anything to install. This is the case with this new Flash updater and has been proven to be true for the new Reader updater.

The solution is to UNLOCK any Adobe Updater folders you may have locked in order to stop its functionality. Search for all 'Updater' folders and make sure they are unlocked. Another option is to toss them all in the Trash and empty the Trash. The updates will now work.

After the update process, in order to stop Adobe Updater from doing its annoying periodic pop-up on your screen and nag-at-you routine, again LOCK all 'Updater' folders until the next time you need to perform an Adobe update.

Is all of this one big PITA? Of course it is. What is the ultimate solution? Don't use Adobe if you can help it.

How the mighty have fallen.


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